The experience of using 7 Slim

7 Slim: how I lost 8 kg in a month

I write rarely comment, but this drug could not pass. Two months ago acquired 7 Slim on the recommendation of the sister.

Comments 7 Slim

I want to share the results of this course, which lasted a month, and my indicators not later than 30 days after the end. I hope that my experience will help readers to lose weight.

In brief mode of application

The drug is one drop. They do not need to measure using an eyedropper or dimensions of the cup, while the world is already doses. A light bulb – an appointment. In a 20-pack of mini-packs.

In a statement, simple and clear, explains how to use 7 Slim: drink 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before eating, drinking juice or water. I decided to diversify the application and added to the liquid in the milk, and then train in him a protein powder. Indigestion or other side effects after this effect was not observed.

To 7 Slim

My input data – 75 kilograms during the growth of 170. It is 25 kg over my ideal weight. Yes, a little bit has launched itself after childbirth. The activity standard – the walk to the metro station, a store, sometimes walking to the nearest park. The sport courses, and the courses that she had not. The time at the gym is not. Still worth to mention that on the hips in me at the beginning of the slimming has been visible cellulite.

After 30 days 7 Slim

The experience of using

Could not resist and was weighed every week, even if it is said that the weight can gallop. For the first time, it was less than a kilo, mn 1,5... And on the third and fourth week of income has strongly increased up to 2.5 and 3 kg! Apparently, the effect was cumulative. A Total of 8 kg in 30 days, at the end of the course, my weight has reached the bar 67 kg

Cellulite has become so much less. Skin after weight loss strong enough according to the standards of the nutritionists (they advise not to reject more than 4 kg per month) is not suspended. I made a massage with a stiff brush, but no measurement for the straps has not taken, and the output of the skin was elastic, as if I was not sitting on a diet.


7 Slim really a quick fix for losing weight. The best results I have given only the mono-diet of 3 weeks, but it is so honest, the torture of the body. And with 7 Slim it turns out to lose weight, and quickly and without consequences for the health. The best thing is that the pounds do not come back! A month has passed, but no gain or a gram. Recommends that you to try.